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Here is an overview over all the students that has a collaboration with COAT today:  


Name Degree Start

Expected end

Title Module Supervisors
Stijn Hofhuis PhD 2020 2024 Population drivers and habitat use of red foxes at their expanding frontier in the low Arctic Arctic fox Dorothee Ehrich (UiT), Rolf A. Ims (UiT), Arnaud Tarroux (NINA)
Eivind Flittie Kleiven PhD 2018 2022 Ground-based optical system Small rodent Rolf A. Ims (UiT), Nigel Yoccoz (UiT), Eeva Soininen (Uit), Frederic Barraquand 
Isabell Eischeid PhD 2018 2022 Drone-based imagery system Mosstundra Eeva Soininen (UiT), Virve Ravolainen (NPI), Åshild Pedersen (NPI), Jesper Madsen (UA), Rolf A. Ims (UiT), Nigel Yoccoz (UiT)
Ingrid Jensvoll PhD 2018 2022 Research-based activities in natural science education   Siw Turid Killengreen (UiT), Rolf A. Ims (UiT)
Pedro Da Silva Nicolau PhD 2017 2021 Efficient Bayesian analysis of dynamics and changes in ecosystem models   Sigrunn Holbek Sørbye (UiT), Nigel Toccoz (UiT)
Mike Murphy PhD 2017 2021 Platform for distributed observatories in Arctic environments Small rodent Otto Anshus (UiT), John Markus Bjørndalen (UiT), Eeva Soininen (UiT)
Jørgen Andreas Agersborg PhD 2017 2021 Remote sensing of vegetation parameters in the forest-tundra ecotone Tundra-Forest (COAT Tools) Stian Anfinsen (UiT), Jane Uhd Jepsen (NINA)
Steffen O. R. Kristensen PhD 2017 2021

Cyber-physical analytics system spanning from the edge to the cloud

Distributed Arctic Observatory (DAO) / COAT Tools

John Markus Bjørndalen (UiT), Otto Anshus (UiT), Issam Raïs (UiT), Phoung Hoai Ha (UiT)
Malin Ek PhD 2014   Resilience of the mountain birch forest to geometrid moth outbreaks Tundra-Forest Rolf A. Ims (UiT), Jane Uhd Jepsen (NINA)
Kelsey Lebrau PhD 2017 2021 The influence of the paleo-ecological legacy on patterns in the landscape of Northern Norway

Tall shrub tundra

Kari Anne Bråthen (UiT), Inger G. Alsos (UiT) og Dorothee Ehrich (UiT)
Matteo Petit Bon PhD 2016 2020 Short-term tundra plant-community nutrient responses to herbivory and warming: New insights from Near infrared-reflectance spectroscopy methodology Tall shrub tundra Ingibjörg Svala Jónsdóttir (UI), Kari Anne Bråthen (UiT) og Virve Ravolainen (NPI)
Øyvind Lønnebotn MSc 2020 2022 Interspecific interaction among mustelide predators based on COAT camera trap based monitoring Small rodent Eivind Flittie Kleiven (UiT), Eeva Soininen (UiT), Rolf A. Ims (UiT), Magne Neby (HiH)
Anna Caroline Grimsby MSc 2020 2021 Spatial distribution of Arctic herbivores in spring Mosstundra Virve Ravolaien (NPI), Åshild Ø. Pedersen (NPI), Mads Forchammer (UNIS), Dorothee Ehrich (UiT)
Daniel Johan Krogh MSc 2019 2021

Temporal and spatial variation in diet of arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) on Svalbard

Arctic fox Dorothee Ehrich (UiT), Eva Fuglei (NPI)
Lucia Scheele BSc 2020 2021 Determinants of mountain birch rejuvenation following moth outbreaks Tundra-Forest Ole Petter Vindstad (UiT), Jane Uhd Jepsen (NINA)
Lars-Mikkjel Kråkenes BSc 2020 2021 Effects of moth outbreak induced forest mortality on area use by moose Tundra-Forest Ole Petter Vindstad (UiT), Andreas Zedrosser (ISN)

Happy students at field course. Photo: Pia Boholm


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