COAT has established a monitoring system for the invasive Eastern European vole (formerly named the Sibling vole) in Svalbard

The new Reconyx cameras adapted to COAT’s small mammal photoboxes arrived (at last!) in August and have just enabled us to finalize the monitoring system for the invasive Eastern European vole (formerly named the Sibling vole) in Svalbard. Read more:  Community-based actions against an invasive rodent and its zoonotic parasite in Longyearby...

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Blog post at JEcol

The COAT article “ Can novel pest outbreaks drive ecosystem transitions in northern‐boreal birch forest? ” in Journal of Ecology was shortlisted for the  Harper Prize  early researcher award earlier this spring.

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New paper from The Moss Tundra Module

Recently the Moss Tundra Module by Ravolainen et.al has published the paper High Arctic ecosystem states: Conceptual models of vegetation change to guide long-term monitoring and research in Ambo’s special edition Terrestrial biodiversity in a rapidly changing Arctic .

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Current activities

23.02.2019: Presentation about COAT at Varangerbotn museum 23.02.
By Leif Einar Støvern on 05.03.2019

On Saturday 23.2. Jan Erik Knutsen was on the museum in Varangerbotn holding a presentation about C...

11.02.2019: Ecology conference in Tromsø
By Leif Einar Støvern on 05.03.2019

COAT was well represented at the Ecology conference - "Towards Policy-Relevant Ecology" held by t...

14.01.2019: SIOS Polar Night Week 14-18 January 2019
By Leif Einar Støvern on 14.12.2018

The first SIOS Polar Night Week (PNW) will take place in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, 14-18 January 20...

05.12.2018: Reference meeting COAT Arctic Fox module
By Leif Einar Støvern on 16.11.2018

The reference group gathers for their annual meeting to evaluate 2018

: Several contributions from COAT at the Arctic Biodiversity Congress
By Eeva Soininen on 10.10.2018

Several COAT members participate the Arctic Biodiversity Congress at Rovaniemi this week. We presen...