New paper from The Moss Tundra Module

Recently the Moss Tundra Module by Ravolainen et.al has published the paper High Arctic ecosystem states: Conceptual models of vegetation change to guide long-term monitoring and research in Ambo’s special edition Terrestrial biodiversity in a rapidly changing Arctic .

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New COAT-related RCN project

The Research Council of Norway has funded a new three-year project that will be led by core personnel from the tundra-forest module of COAT.

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Several popular scientific contributions from COAT in Fram Forum 2020

Fram Forum is an annual popular scientific publication of the Fram Centre. COAT researchers contribute with several articles in the 2020 issue .

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A new batch of Arctic foxes released on the Varanger Peninsula

On January 27 th Statens Naturoppsyn (SNO) together with Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) and COAT released 14 arctic fox pups on Varanger Peninsula.

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Chasing climate change

The “ Chasing climate change ” documentary from NRK is now available in English.

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COAT researchers win the first Fægri price

COAT researchers Ole Petter Laksforsmo Vindstad and Jane Uhd Jepsen have won the first Fægri price for an article on geometrid moths in the Norwegian popular science journal Naturen.

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Implementation of research infrastructure – update from COAT Svalbard

COAT Svalbard has now implemented and operationalized several types of research infrastructure in the core areas in Nordenskiöld Land and in Brøgger Peninsula.

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New small rodent exclosures by COAT Varanger

COAT Varanger has established small rodent exclosures that distinguish between direct and indirect climate impacts on vegetation.

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Deployment of CO2 sensors

As a part of the project COAT-Tools we are collaborating with the department of computer science here at UiT. They are working on sensor technology that can help us collect the data we need in an efficient way.

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Declining tundra bird populations linked to Arctic greening

Many arctic bird populations have declined substantially during the last decades. Preliminary analyses in connection with the development of an ecosystem-based assessment system for Norwegian arctic tundra have shown that this also applies to COAT’s intensive monitoring sites in Varanger Peninsula. Many bird species are particularly vulnerable d...

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