COAT predicts this year’s ptarmigan density in Finnmark

COAT has modeled the population fluctuations of willow ptarmigan in Finnmark and looked at what influences changes in the population. The modeling is the result of a collaboration between COAT and several stakeholders, including the landowner Finnmarkseiendommen (FeFo).

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One more PhD in COAT

On 8th of June Eivind Kleiven has successfully defended his PhD thesis “ Population cycles in small rodents seen through the lens of a wildlife camera ".

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Fresh PhD in COAT

On the 3rd of June Pedro Da Silva Nicolau has successfully defended his PhD thesis “ Boreal rodents fluctuating in space and time. Tying the observation process to the modeling of seasonal population dynamics ".

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New PhD in COAT

On 24th of May Isabell Eischeid has successfully defended her PhD thesis “ T undra vegetation ecology from the sky - Aerial images and photogrammetry as tools to monitor landscape change ” .

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Automatic sound stations and bioacoustics: The backbone of COAT Varanger's annual winter field work on ptarmigan

Members of COAT Varanger’s ptarmigan module has recently deployed the sound stations for this year’s monitoring in the study area just above Bergebydalen in Nesseby municipality. This work started back in 2017, and this is therefore the 6 th years of monitoring the two arctic ptarmigan species by use of bioacoustics.

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Monitoring of gyrfalcons, golden eagles and ravens in Varanger

COAT have in collaboration with Rovfuglgruppa I Vest-Finnmark, for the fourth consecutive year, checked how many gyrfalcons, golden eagles and ravens that are attempting to breed on the Varanger peninsula.

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New study started in Svalbard

We have started a large carcass-project in Svalbard and the first pictures is already collected. It will be interesting to see how the predators behave. The project is a collaboration between Norwegian Polar Institute, COAT and Nord Universitet. To read more about this study see Norwegian Polarinstitue's article presenting the study  (in Norwegia...

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Track our red foxes online!

You may have heard about our gps-tracking project of red foxes on Varanger Peninsula. You can now participate by exploring the latest positions on this interactive and automatically updated map .

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COAT related publications from the SUSTAIN project

SUSTAIN was a nationally coordinated research project funded by the Research Council of Norway during 2015-2021. The project included three geographic nods (research groups): Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES) in Oslo, Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics (CBD) in Trondheim and COAT in Tromsø. A SUSTAIN special issue of ...

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Drone-based mapping of changed vegetation

COAT researchers monitor vegetation disturbances by biotic and abiotic factors, such as herbivory and extreme winter weather. However, these are not typical vegetation classes included in remote-sensing based maps.

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