TUNDRA Schoolnet

TUNDRA Schoolnet is a research-based school project that seeks to promote curiosity and knowledge about tundra ecosystems in the Arctic to students and teachers in tundra regions. Local communities in the North are experiencing changes in their environment, which are both more rapid and radical than in more southern areas. It is important to communicate knowledge about these changes directly to people living in the northern tundra. This will contribute to awareness and understanding of the ecological impact of climate change both locally and globally.


The two main goals of TUNDRA schoolnet are:

  • Promote awareness, curiosity and commitment for the arctic tundra ecosystem, through research-based education
  • Establish a circumpolar network for teachers and students, to create a common understanding of climate-related challenges in the North

The project has been running since 2011. Throughout the project period, we have produced educational material for the project schools focusing on northern ecosystems. By making educational material including both guides for field studies and suitable learning material, we want to enable teachers and students to investigate wildlife, which they can encounter in vicinity of their school.

The activities in the project are based on hypotheses, however simplified and adapted to the target group. The hypotheses are decomposed into basic questions in general ecology in order to create an overall understanding. Educational material directed at both pupils and teachers is available, so far in Norwegian only, at Sustain.no (Nettverk for miljølære).

Current activities in TUNDRA Schoolnet


Den store vårspretten

Hva er sammenhengen mellom temperatur og vårutvikling



Lær mer om smågnagerne sin viktige rolle i økosystemet


Rovdyrenes plass i næringskjeden

Hvilke rovdyr finnes i nærområdet og hvorfor er det viktig å ha kunnskap om dem


Ingrid Jensvoll


UiT-Arctic University of Norway

Siw Killengreen


UiT-Arctic University of Norway

Dorothee Ehrich


UiT-Arctic University of Norway