Scientific paper: Monitoring small rodents with camera traps
25. January 2023

Small rodents are crucial to the functioning of the tundra food-web because of their spectacular population cycles which gives the predators waste amounts of food in the peak years and cause a huge grazing pressure on the food-plants. Despite their importance much are still unknown about small rodents and their food-web interactions.

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Snow measurements in Varanger
20. January 2023 Why is it interesting for a researcher to dig in the snow in January? It's just snow there, isn't it? Yes, it is snow, but we want to know what type of snow, and whether there are hard crusts and ice on the ground. The snow conditions now in winter can determine whether we get a small rodent peak year next summer. And if it will be a small rodent year with a lot of Lemming, we know for...

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